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The Walking Dead is racist … and in a stupid way

Don’t get me wrong. I love The Walking Dead. It has managed to encapsulate my life in all its forms. The TV show and video game are awesome and one day when I buy the comics I hope I can enjoy them just as much. The TV show, which is now into its 3rd sensational season, is one of the few programs that I will continually watch and haven’t grown tired of in a way that How I Met Your Mother already has (because Ted seriously talks too much about the 87 women he banged before he met the mother).

The AMC production is, in all honesty, perfect and despite some small issues in season 2 (mainly Lori), I have enjoyed every single episode. Yet now, having watched the mid-season finale, the only thing that annoys me is the use of black people in the series. It is literally as though 2 cannot exist in this zombie universe at any one time.

Season 1 – T-Dog & Jacquie – we never really see the two of them talk much and we assume the only reason T-Dog was upset about Jacquie killing herself is because they share the same skin colour. Jacquie is killed off at the end of season 1 leaving T-Dog as the lone survivor.

Season 2 – not a single black person in the series except T-Dog. Atlanta isn’t that bad is it?

Season 3 – Introducing Oscar in episode 2 only to have T-Dog killed off in episode 3. Oscar then basically fills the void left by T-Dog. Oscar acts as a part of the group till episode 8 when he is killed off but it is ok because Tyreese is introduced in the very same episode.

Now I’m assuming that Tyreese is going to be a long-term character in the series since he has an incredible loyal fan base so I can see him lasting as long as T-Dog is. (Words cannot express how disappointed I was when T-Dog was killed off.) Now you may have noticed that I’ve never mentioned Michonne. That’s because she’s never been a part of the main group but now she has joined them, I’m looking forward to her relationship with Tyreese since they get it on in the graphic novel.



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