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This Music Really Does Blow

I get a lot of promotional CD’s through the post. 99% of it is garbage and is usually someone who was knocked out of the X Factor at Boot Camp trying to launch their own music career. Trust me. If you haven’t got SyCo helping you out in some shape or form these days you’re kind of screwed. Anyway, 99% of the music I receive is pure craptrap but occasionally I get something like this through the post. I must say I wasn’t expecting to see a CD called Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’roll through the post first thing on a monday morning but I thought I’d check it out and see what’s what.

^(Please find the artwork the example of the suckiness of this CD)

The Destructors present: Sex & Drugs & RockNRoll. Well there are so many things wrong with this before I even removed the plastic film. Firstly, they call themselves The Destructors. I’m not sure what you’re meant to be destructing or how rebelling through music is going to achieve this but it’s really not that threatening. Nor is the album title. I mean Sex & Drugs & RockNRoll is about as hardcore as a child beating you with a Snickers Duo. Overall, before I’d even opened the case I felt as though this album was written by a bunch of teenagers trying to rebel against their 10 o’clock bed time.

Then there was the track listing. I’ll give you a small taste:

1.) Spitroast F.C

2.) I’m in love with a pornstar

3.) She’s a girl

4.) Butt Plug, Gag and Tit Clamp

Oh I’m going to stop there because otherwise this blog will attract the wrong crowd. Is this meant to be funny, rebellious or ironically stupid. Either way, it certainly comes across stupid and the fact we were discussing this album became a joke in itself at work.

But then I listened to it. You know what … it sucked. It really did. I skipped through all 12 double entendre named tracks within about 5 minutes and I wouldn’t give it the time of day again. The music is poor and describing would require me to think about again which gives me about as much thrill as a¬†monorail¬†would.

What I find ironic is that the tagline for the album is “It’ll blow more than your mind”. No The Destructors. It just blows. Anyone who wants to hold it and seem ironically funny, please feel free to take it off my hands.


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