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Moving Into Halls – Attempt Number 2

So this week began my 5th (yes count it) year at Brunel and unfortunately my last. In a way though there was some sweet irony to the whole thing because, once again, I’ve ended up back in halls where I first started at Brunel way back in ’08. Although it is not the same hall, the whole feeling of being back inside halls feels eerily reminiscent of 4 years ago.

I had no choice but to move back into halls, mainly because all my friends had to go and graduate and become adults, so moving back felt lonely. It was surprising how comforting it felt to have those people around, even if it was just to sit in a room and watch re-runs of The Big Bang Theory, because suddenly things have gotten very quiet. The first 2 days were especially bad so spending as much time as possible out of the room and keeping myself occupied was almost a must. Luckily that was the case and I was at the point of spending just 5 hours a day in the room (which mostly consisted of sleeping).

Yet at the same time, there was this buzzing excitement about this final year and what it may bring. Of course there is the standard 3am library sessions and poor dietary habits but nevertheless there is the feeling I have that this will be the final year where I have the sort of freedom to explore and express myself as I see fit. It is almost as if moving into halls has resulted in this giant yet imaginary countdown clock in my head counting down to the end of the year. Countdown currently says just 247 days left. That is not long at all.

Soon Brunel will be a memory and greener pastures will soon be approaching but for the time being, I am going to enjoy it, ┬áhave as much fun as I can so that, come May, I won’t look back at Brunel as a debt.


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