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The Best & Worst Of Brunel Freshers Week 2012

So Freshers Week 2012 has been and gone and now term will hit, order restored and Brunel will once again kick-start itself into full on academia mode. That’ll probably last until Friday when everything goes out of the window with all the booze and Academy nightlife. Any way, I thought it would be fun to do a best & worst summary of what happened this past week at Freshers Week 2012.

Worst – The weather

This probably goes without saying but the weather just ruined a lot of the weeks planned events. Trying to motivate contacts who by 11am are already soaking to their wellies was about as difficult as Charlie Sheen trying to avoid humiliating himself whenever he tries to do basically anything. The way the contacts pulled through though and persevered to move in several hundred students was admirable but I have a feeling most of them did it with such efficiency to keep out of the rain.

Best – Freshers who arrive in style

Campus was a wash of Volvos and people carriers on Sunday but occasionally you’ll see people rock up in hired cars, big enough for a family of 4 to move in. And then, on a blue moon, you’ll see someone rock up with the A Team van and show everyone how to move in with style.

Oh and the van behind him also belonged to the same fresher. Clearly they have a lot of crap to move in. Sorry I meant highly necessary personal belongings.

Best – Free stuff at freshers fayre

You don’t have to be a fresher to appreciate freshers fayre. In fact, with this being my 5th freshers fayre, I reckon returners know better how to work freshers fayre, get the best free stuff and know where to avoid. Case in point, I walked out of the IAC with 19 free pizza boxes which I plan on enjoying, and only signed up to 2 societies rather than going mental and thinking “I’m going to sign up for everything because I’m young and independent so why can’t I join the boxing club whilst also appreciating Sci Fi; shut up mum you’re not the boss of me anymore!”

Worst – Trying to run a stall at freshers fayre

Whilst this was my 5th freshers fayre, it was my 4th at running a stall at it and for the life of me I just cannot figure out how to do it properly. Offering freshers free things and not asking them for money is properly the best way to gain interest so that’s what I did. Sweets, stickers, free newspapers and flyers were all offered to students and most seemed interested. Yet probably 25% of freshers walking by weren’t interested at all. So then I started offering free Dominos vouchers and even then people still weren’t interested at all. So to those who turned their nose at me and rolled their eyes I say this.

I hope you spend all of your student loan on food and I will keep these vouchers as long as possible.

Worst – Whoever didn’t open Subway should be shot

I’ve got to say I was pretty keen on having a subway on campus this year but when I found out it wouldn’t be opened until AFTER freshers week, I had one of my mini 10 minute sulks before moving onto the next thing to moan about. This year is the first year that students are paying £9,000 tuition fees and I reckon there are about 4 freshers on campus who answer the question “Why are you going to Brunel?” with the answer “They’ve got a subway on campus.” There is going to be someone to blame. Probably someone who didn’t sign a contract or some nonsense and this person must be found and shot for taking away one of the best things Freshers Week could have provided.

Best – On the other hand, the burger van was pretty awesome

To make up for it, the Angus burger van that parked itself next to the Lecture Centre was an inspired choice. This was because the people working there were fantastic people but mainly because the food was awesome (and free in my case). When I’m drunk and I leave Academy, my first thought isn’t “I could really use an Italian BMT with some ranch dressing on cheese & herb bread”. It is always “someone fetch me a kebab – I don’t care what’s in it.”

Best – “Freshers say the stupidest things”

I reckon I’ve dealt with about 1,000 freshers this week coming up to me at work asking me really stupid questions that any normal human could figured out. The amount of stupid questions I got means I could probably start my own TV show called “Freshers Say The Stupidest Things”. The opening title sequence will always be the following conversation I had with a fresher:

Fresher: “Hi. I’m interested in doing something.”

Me: “Like what?”

Fresher: “Don’t know”

Welcome to university kid.


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