Leaving Brunel

Leaving is hard. Leaving Brunel can be even harder. I’m a prime example of that because I should have left Brunel twice now and yet I’m still here. Try and find Moxey and he’ll tell you even more (8 years and counting?!?). If you head out tonight, or if you were out last night depending on when you read this, you’ll see more drunken tears than drunken fights and that’s all down to what the spirit and community of Brunel that is created by its buzzing and diverse collection of students.

Within the next 12 hours, students will try to cram in as much nonsense as possible as they attempt to have one hell of an “epic” night. Tonight could well be one of the best nights of their student lives but the hangover could be one of the worst as they now attempt to live without Brunel and its community for 3 months before September rocks round all over again. For some it could even worse as tonight could well be the last time they step foot in Isambard’s Kingdom.

The Brunel community is something that should be admired as it squeezes its 16,000 strong into just a few square miles and being in such close quarters has created an amazing atmosphere where everyone knows everyone. Leaving something like this is naturally going to be hard. Brunel is one of a kind and leaving it, whether for a while or permanently, is going to be even harder.

It is not the buildings or the facilities. It is the people within Brunel that make it one hell of a university.


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